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Low Maintenance Saltwater Hot Tub

Low Maintenance Saltwater Hot Tub

The lowmaintenance ACE salt water system feels and smells natural and great. You'll spend less time caring for water and more time relaxing in your Hot .
This low salt content means that the water feels soft, but the system does not. follow the simple instructions and do the minimal amount of required maintenance,. Hot Spring spas are the only spa that has a salt water system that is built into .
A salt water hot tub creates chlorine naturally from salt water with fewer chemicals to produce softer water with less irritation. You can count on less maintenance .
Hydropool's self-cleaning salt water hot tub comes with the Ez Utrapure salt. Spas using the eZ Ultra Pure Salt System need very little maintenance, and the .
. similar to commercial pool salt water systems, but redesigned for domestic hot tubs.. to the system and so there is very little on-going cost related to this system.. in much longer water lifespan before maintenance or changing is needed.

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