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Moving A Hot Tub With Straps

Moving A Hot Tub With Straps

Make sure the dollies are centered at both ends, then slide the boards out to lower the tub so its base sits flat on the dollies. If your dollies have straps, secure them to the hot tub. Slowly push the tub to the moving truck, and keep an eye on the dollies to make sure they don't slide out of position.
Put the flat side (not the wheel side) of the furniture dollies under the tub between the two 2-by-4s. (One dolly should be on either side of the tub.) Strap the tub to the dollies. Slowly push the dollies to move the tub to its new place.
In many instances, a hot tub move is easily completed with the help of a few friends with a truck and trailer. You often need to turn the hot tub on its side to .
Stay safe; check out this guide and get lots of help when moving your hot tub.. If you do not have straps, make sure to rent some as they come quite in handy for .

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