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Petmate Water Fountain Instructions

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Petmate Water Fountain Instructions

Turn off the fountain and unplug the unit from its power source. Empty the water that is in the fountain and turn it over to access the pump. Remove the pump intake top cover, pry up and remove the second cover then remove the impeller which is held in place by a magnetic force.
C10 Feeder Instructions 07-2015. Download. C20 Feeder Instructions 07-2015. Download. Large Pet Fountain Instructions 12-2016. Download .
Common performance problems with the Petmate Fresh Flow Fountain. performance with our detailed photos, troubleshooting and cleaning instructions.
Did you know that some cats refuse to drink water if it's been in their bowl for over a day? The Petmate® Deluxe Fresh Flow® is a purifying pet fountain providing .
The Petmate Fresh Flow Automatic Home Purifying Pet Fountain promotes healthy hydration for your pet with moving water that encourages animals to drink.
A Petmate Deluxe Fresh Flow Fountain provides a flow of circulating filtered, oxygenated water to ensure that your dog or cat stays hydrated.
Filtering Pet Fountains are great to provide your pets with fresh, moving water. Periodic cleaning and.
1) Read all the instructions before using appliance. 2) To reduce. INSTRUCTIONS PERTAINING TO;. . 7) Clean the fountain parts with warm water and soap.

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