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Prep A Deck For Staining

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Prep A Deck For Staining

Prepare To Stain A Deck. Allow the cleaner to set for approximately 15 minutes. If necessary, mist your work area with a garden hose to keep it wet while the cleaner soaks into the wood. If you encounter any grease stains, clean them with a TSP substitute or another mild detergent.
Lastly, if there are small spots of stain that won't come off during the cleaning process, a palm-type sander should remove them easily after the deck has dried.
Applied with a brush or roller, they cover deck boards and do not show wood grain. Check the weather. Remove all deck furniture, plants and furnishings. The entire deck may require sanding with a pole sander or palm sander to speed up the process. Sweep off loose debris and clean between the cracks.
Over time your timber deck naturally loses its tannins and oils, making it look old and tired. This guide will show you how easy it is to bring your deck back to its .
Once all of the repairs have been made and the deck is clean, it's time to apply a protective finish. Clear finishes and transparent stains are fine for new wood, .

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