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Best Treatment For Mahogany Deck

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Best Treatment For Mahogany Deck

Use a deck cleaner and soft-bristled scrub brush to clean away any spots of mold or other stains. Once the color fades and a few drops of water scattered on the deck sink into the wood instead of beading up, it is time to apply another coat of penetrating oil.
Many deck stains are too heavily pigmented to penetrate into mahogany, leaving it vulnerable and risking stain failure. It is best to use a penetrating oil stain that will soak into the wood pores to give a mahogany deck the best protection possible.
Although mahogany does take stain or paint really well, one of the best ways of treating mahogany decking is to use a clear sealer. This does not change the .
Mahogany decks are made, of course, with mahogany.. This means you are not going to have to worry about treating the wood for insects unless you want .

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