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Chlorine Alternatives For Hot Tubs

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Chlorine Alternatives For Hot Tubs

Let’s take a quick look at four different sanitizer alternatives that can reduce or even eliminate your dependence on chlorine or bromine for your hot tub sanitation needs. Ultraviolet (UV) The sun is an amazing source of bacteria killing. Ionizers. Ozonators. Biguanides. 4 Top Hot Tub Chemical Alternatives to Chlorine. Ozonators: For those hoping to find a potential long-term solution, spa ozonators are a great way to ditch chlorine and still maintain the level of expected hygiene. Spa mineral sticks: Similar to using enzymes, spa mineral sticks can significantly lessen your dependency on. Bromine isn’t too bad in the smell department, but chlorine does put off a strong chemical smell that you may find annoying. The hot tub is a pretty small space, It works without the chemical odor, and with none of the irritation that can sometimes be caused by chlorine or bromine in hot tub water. Very economical– lasts. SeaKlear Spa Balanced Shock Oxidizer for Spas & Hot Tubs, 2 lb. iONRx Natural Hot Tub Cleaner, Sanitizer – Chlorine, Bromine. Our experts discuss the benefits of the alternative hot tub treatment. and a chlorine-based oxidizer that claims to keep water treated and clear. The need for an alternative to chlorine for hot tubs was not fully understood when the first domestic hot tubs appeared on the North American market in the. Besides this important fact, Bromine is considered to have fewer odors and is more stable than chlorine at high temperatures (chlorine “gases off” after 98 degrees). Now to discuss alternatives, we need to clearly understand the two processes that bromine (chlorine) provides in a hot tub or spa.

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