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Move A Hot Tub With Pvc

Move A Hot Tub With Pvc

Using a roller system. Make a pvc ladder to put under the hot tub. Lay a series of pvc pipes to roll it along.
Move it off a platform, up a hill and into a yard, just like the Egyptians.. Move a hot tub with conduit. Debra.
Mike moved this hottub all by himself. He used PVC pipe, 2x6s and ratchet straps.
Over Christmas I have the opportunity to grab a hot tub from my Mom's place. It is a small one, 220 gallon/3-4 people. I'd guess it would be pretty simple to move, but looking at some videos on youtube it. PVC might work?
The spa sled mover helps you easily move a spa, hot tub, refrigerator, furniture, big screen TV, wood stove, pellet stove, generator and other big, heavy stuff.
I bought a neighbors 986 lb. hot tub and can't really seem to get the 7-8. . 2 inch PVC water pipe works well for moving hot tubs. you might .

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