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Plans For A Compost Bin

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Plans For A Compost Bin

18 Cool DIY Compost Bin Designs. Wooden Pallet Planks and Wire Mesh Composter. All-Pallet Compost Bin. Enclosed Wooden Compost Bin. Removable Front-Slatted with Metal Roof. Decorative Brick. Cinderblock Composter. Cardboard Box Composter. Composter Made From Straw Bales.
To reinforce the bin, stagger nails at least every 3 inches wherever plywood and 2 x 4s meet. Drill twelve 1/2-inch holes through the plywood bottom of the bin for drainage. To build lid frame, cut the 12-foot piece (from the 16-foot length) of 2 x 4 lumber into two 45-inch pieces and two 20-inch pieces.
Free plans for building compost bins. See more ideas about Potager garden, Edible garden and Garden compost.
While compost tumblers make compost faster, and keep pests out of the compost, compost bins are cheap to build and do an adequate job of making compost.

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