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Sun Mar Garden Composter

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Sun Mar Garden Composter

SUNMAR 400 is ideal for kitchen Scraps and cut up materials from a small garden. As with the 200, material is added to the 400 by sliding the input door open.
SUNMAR's Garden Composters incorporate our patented double drum Autoflow® design. With Autoflow®, material goes in the top and compost exits out the . : SunMar 200 50-Gallon Rotating Compost Bin : Closed Compost Bin : Garden & Outdoor. SunMar 400 100-Gallon Rotating Compost Bin: Garden & Outdoor.
FREE SHIPPING. Ideal for kitchen scraps and garden trimmings! The SunMar 200 Garden Composter uses a patented autoflow design. Capacity: 50 gallons.
It's excellent for composting kitchen scraps and garden trimmings. The SunMar 400 is a continuous composter with an 11 bushel (100 gallon) capacity.
The SunMar 400 is an 11 bushel or 100 gallon continuous composter that is excellent for composting kitchen scraps and materials from small gardens. This unit .
Find the SunMar 50-Gallon Garden Composter SunMar 200, drum constructed of UV stabilized, 100% recyclable polyethylene at The Home Depot.
SunMar – 100-Gallon Garden Composter – Polyethylene construction is 100 percent recyclable. Double-drum AutoFlow design works as the drum rotates for .

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